Do Not Trust Your Managed IT to Just Anyone

There are many different maturity levels of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) ranging from a break–fix shop to a fully functional IT extension of your business.

This guide will help you save time and money when choosing a new MSP.

What's inside:

  • Learn the 5 IT support categories you should be grading against
  • Rank your specific needs using the included support ranking rubric
  • Ask the "15 Crucial Questions" when interviewing new MSPs (#11 is the key to keeping your company hacker-free)



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The average cost of downtime to a business is $5,600 per minute - that adds up quick if you don't have the right MSP



62% of SMBs lack the in-house skills to create, implement and monitor cybersecurity best practices



69% of surveyed businesses say that a poor customer experience drives them to switch MSP partners, costing thousands of dollars 


When evaluating a new MSP, too much is on the line. Do your research.

We've provided you all of the essential questions to ask across these 5 categories:

Support - You can't afford anything less than quality support 24/7.

Execution - How will they help you "lift the load"?

Strategy - Business strategy is what most MSPs are missing. Don't settle for less.

Security - In this new, hybrid-office world, security is of utmost importance.

Philosophy -  Do you align with how they create partnerships with clients? 

Don't cycle through MSPs wasting money on trying to find the right one.

Do your homework.

Find the right MSP to fit your company's specific needs.

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