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Is your business prepared to identify, protect, detect, and then respond to Cyber threats?

Invest in Ripple's fully baked security offering to protect your business against the expanding cyber threat landscape and mitigate damages inflicted upon your business.


Is Your IT Infrastructure at Risk?

  • Have you assigned appropriate access levels and authority to restrict data and applications to the right people?
  • Are the connections you use to access online services protected against unauthorized users, malware and other risks?
  • Do you use automated backup programs for data protection, rather than random and irregular manual backups?
  • Can you create permission reports that tell you which devices and personnel have access to data and applications?
  • Are your data and applications password protected, and are your employees using sufficiently strong passwords?
  • If regulators arrive at your door today, are you confident you comply with legal and regulatory mandates for your data?

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The best way to make sure your sensitive business data is protected from cybercriminals is to be prepared.


Are Cybercriminals Phishing for Your Sensitive Business Information?

With phishing attacks steadily on the rise, businesses have to be especially careful when clicking links or opening email messages from untrusted sources. This chart shows the number of unique phishing websites detected monthly in the last two quarters of 2016.


Are SMBs Prepared to Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks?

Today, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are ill-prepared when it comes to cybersecurity, due to the growing sophistication of cyber threats and lack of in-house expertise.


Information Security: SMBs Need IT, Ripple IT Can Provide it

Due to the quickly evolving cybersecurity landscape, many SMBs lack the ability to keep up and are ill-prepared for the threats that exist today.


Is the IT Security Gap a Threat to SMBs?

With lean IT staffs, many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lack the resources and expertise to manage complex security infrastructures.


Should You Beware of Ransomware?

Today’s ransomware landscape has grown exponentially over the past two years and continues to rise. Without proper protection and defenses, SMBs are vulnerable to the increased volume of threats to their IT systems.


The Top 5 IT Security Skills SMBs Need in 2018

Across the board, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) trail their larger counterparts in their need for skill improvement, specifically when it comes to IT security.


What is the Financial Impact of a Ransomware Attack?

The reason for ransomware’s popularity boils down to one thing: economics. Without the proper defenses, cybercriminals can extort hundreds – sometimes thousands – of dollars from SMBs by encrypting valuable data and demanding a ransom be paid to restore the data.