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Why Work with Ripple?

Many resellers/partners focus almost exclusively on the initial purchase of G Suite. Much of the pre-sales process is providing initial vendor knowledge (read: upsell at the onset of the project) along with migration expertise. For us, there’s a value gap between Google and the partner. At Ripple, we see migration and deployment as the beginning and find more value in offering full staff (yes, full staff) Google support, monthly strategic check-ins, and recurring webinars. We want our customer's entire staff to be able to pick up the phone and call Ripple. We want to expand the use of the suite and are the experts when it comes to utilizing Google Drive and Domain Configuration.

Prepare and Train Your Organization

The key to a successful Google Drive Migration is ensuring that employees are knowledgeable and prepared for the coming changes. Our Google Drive training curriculum is proven and tested to get everybody on the same page.

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